January (almost) means a new past year summary! Let’s jump in right now!

What’s new?

First of all, during 2019, Pantographe started a partnership with Etamin Studio, a studio based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. We help them to build web sites and applications in, of course, Ruby on Rails.
Otherwhile, process has been started in late 2019, to make Baptiste a co-owner. This process can take some time for administration to finish this, but it will be fully official next month. 🙌

Our processes

We continued to improve our workflow with Gitlab, and our deployer to make it works the same way on different providers.
In the same time, we worked on an ansible script that allows us to install and automatically maintain all our computers.
Finally, we developed a tool to start new Rails projects with our configuration. It also lets us centralize our configuration tools that we often use. But we will give your more informations about this shortly! 😇

What did we work on?


We have been working with them to finalize the project, like EventBrite integration, or some new features to let them open their events to BtoB. And the last missing content, such as About page and newsletter subscription.
We’re now doing some maintenance and security updates for them.

Masters of Good

We worked on consulting and conception to bring some of our experience. The goal was to help our client to define the first version project scope, and draw up technical specifications.
Helping startups to make technical choices before starting production is something we really like to do. We think it can really help startups owner to find the best way to acheive their goals.


Quitri is a free product created by the group Citeo. Quitri connects event organisers with collection, sorting and recycling partners. We gave a hand to Etamin on the back-office, and a bit of front-end integration. We joined the project while it was already in production. We’re now helping on the project evolutions, which means some new features and code refactoring.

Take a waste

Take a waste is a french startup. It helps companies to manage their waste, in the most ecological and economical ways possible. We developped the back-office of an internal tool, while Lucas was working on the front part, in Vue.js. Pantographe was working for Etamin here, but only Pantographe worked on the production. This tool is made to help them find the best provider for their customer, based on their Airtable based datas.

What about 2020?

First, we want to make our hosting project a reality, with our first customer. We recently bought a second-hand server to test our processes. We really think that 2020 will be the year.
Then, as you may have read on our blog, we started to publish, each month, a 10-songs playlist. Songs that we used to listen while working. January’s one is out, go check it, if you haven’t yet! 🎶
As conjured up, we’re developing a tool to intialize projects. We plan to release a first version soon. 🤞
We also want to keep increase our network, especially with incubators, to reach startups, our favorite target !
Finally, we have a lot of other tools idea that we want to start working on. Some should be open-source, so if you’re interested, just keep in touch!